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Profile Evaluation... where to apply?


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I am a math major at a large state university, 3.3 GPA overall and 3.1 in my major.

I have basically every math class you can take at the undergraduate level including adv. calc.

My GRE scores are awful.. 700Q and 560V... I've taken it twice and scored exactly the same both times.

I am the primary author on a research paper with a well-respected faculty member in the economics department, we will have submitted by the time i send in my applications.

Also I have 3 very strong LOR's, and teaching experience as a tutor in the economics department.

I understand that I can't get in to anywhere good with my low quant score. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to apply? Even the schools that are ranked worse than top 50 boast average GRE scores much higher than mine...

I was thinking of applying to schools such as NC State, UConn, Clemson, American University. Any thoughts?

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I think you should take a commercial test prep class, if you haven't already. With your math background, aptitude/ability in math should not be the issue. So what's left is the test itself - you need to learn how to take the test, which is really a different issue altogether.

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