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Programs similar to Pratt's MS Communication Design?

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Hi all,

First time poster here ;) I'm interested in going back to school to study Communication Design at the master's level.

I really like Pratt's MS Communication Design program and it seems to be the best fit for my needs, but I'm having a hard time finding similar programs at the graduate level.

My background:

I graduated with a BFA in Computer Art & Design (Ha!) in 2008 and I'm currently working in web production. During my undergrad experience, the curriculum stressed learning how to use technology rather than learning theory, concept development, and execution (sigh). As a result I'm great with using programs but have trouble with communicating solid ideas and finding solutions. I've taken a couple of graphic design continuing education classes at SVA. The classes really helped get my feet wet with design, and typography but now I'm looking to take it a step further. I'm interested in more theory, history, more typography, design thinking, using time based media in design and just overall using design to communicate in several different mediums.

I feel as if a lot of the schools that offer MFA programs require a certain amount of design experience. I do have some experience but not at the level needed to get into these programs and I don't want to get in a program and feel incompetent. I'm not interested in going back to school to get a second BFA and even though Pratt's MS program is my first choice I need to have other options. (I also received feedback from Pratt faculty at the grad portfolio day and they felt that the MS program was more appropriate for my current skills)

I'm also looking into Parson Design +Technology MFA program but I'm still doing research to see if this program is right for me.

Do ya'll know of any other similar programs?

Also does anyone know how difficult it is to get into Pratt's MS Communication Design (digital emphasis) program?

Anyone either graduated from that program or a current student can give feedback on their experience?

Overall advice?

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Carnegie Mellon's Communication Planning and Information Design. US News ranked it #1 for Visual communications and #4 for Graphic Design (pick whatever is relevant to you).

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Hey there!

I'd recommend IU School of Informatics & Computing's HCI/d program. It's an amazing program that incorporates design thinking with interaction design, but it's so much more than that. I come with a graphic design background, and I'm able to utilize my skills in graphic design and explore them further within the visual communication space. This program allows you to explore your interests very deeply. In addition to that, they give pretty good funding and career opportunities. They even have a career fair just for us masters students. The amount of faculty and student mentorship in this program is also astonishing. I came from another masters program where the faculty were hardly present (and it cost twice as much too). The best thing about this program is that it's okay if you do not have any design experience, they are looking to see your process and you'll learn by doing. We have folks from English to Psychology to Business!

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