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Do I need to take the TOEFL?


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I'm considering applying to several ph.d. programs in mechanical engineering.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me whether I need to take the TOEFL or not.

I have been attending schools in the US since I was 6 and I am a permanent resident of the US.

I earned my BS and MS from the university in the US. I took the GRE and got a score of 730 out of 800 on verbal.

Carnegie Mellon University states that "TOEFL scores are required of international students whose native language is not English. This requirement cannot be waived for any reason." And this school defines an international student as " someone who is a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than the United States, and who will be studying in the United States on a temporary visa."

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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I agree with what was posted above. It seems that you would not be identified as an international student because you are a US permanent resident, but do you consider yourself to bilingual in English? Otherwise, since English isn't your native language they might still refuse to waive it (even if that is ridiculous).

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