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  1. Well, the Fulbright/LASPAU commitee explained me they don't do TUITION WAIVERS...so, I rejected the other offers and I'm heading to UIUC!
  2. Just received a full TUITION WAIVER for my master's program at UIUC!
  3. You mean results about the acceptance? If so, I was already admitted for Spring 2012 and I deferred; so, they needed to make a new letter for Fall. However, I have not heard back from the tuition waiver, but Mickey told me they asked for it in the department since I am a LASPAU/Fulbright candidate. Have you heard back from them?
  4. Hopefully! This is my list of preferences: #:1 UCB #:2 UIUC #:3 Austin or VT (dunno yet) #:5 Gatech
  5. Hey guys. I just received my last admission and I got in in all of my programs! Now, It is the Fulbright's turn to look for funds for me! WISH ME LUCK!
  6. Well... my grant covers housing, dining and could cover part of tuition...but don´t know how much is it.... I know their annual stipend goes between 14000-22000 a year in my country.... since UCB did not waive my tuition then I have to wait for my academic placer to check with the fulbright commission if it s possible to cover the total or a portion of the tuition.... in the meanwhile, UIUC is trying to waive my tuition...so we´ll see...
  7. Well... I already received the official admission letter and they told me in the letter that the department would offer funding in case there{s any...so I asked Francisco Armero and he told me funding is very scarce... any funding available aparently...
  8. Same story here with my placement service (LASPAU). Looks like we might be competing for the funds since we are both Fulbright... Good Luck! Keep me posted!
  9. UIUC My top 3 universities have accepted me so far!
  10. Guys, the new USNEWS Civil-grad rankings are out! These are the top ten: #:1 UCB & UIUC #:3 Gatech & Stanford #:5 Austin #:6 MIT & Purdue #:8 Cornell , U Michigan - Ann Harbor & VT #:11 Carnegie Mellon & Texas A&M
  11. Well this is definitely my top choice and I would love to attend. Since I am a Fulbright I have to wait for my academic placer to confirm the funds and that's it I guess. Are u planning to go to the Open House? Is there anyone else planning to attend it?
  12. Guys just received an email fro Francisco Armero under the subject "Berkeley Application Update". Got accepted at 1:30 Eastern time!!!! They invited me to their Open House on April 6th. Anyone else?
  13. I believe Stanford program is a very good one, specially for its location, talking about Earthquake Engineering... but MIT's great as well.
  14. Congratulations!!!! Did they offer funding? What time did you receive the decision? Did it directed you to the website or it already said you were accepted in the email?
  15. I just saw in the results data base that someone got accepted in UCB structural program. Was it anyone from the topic?
  16. Nop. I havent ...but I have to contact Dr. Eatherton soon... kuz I met hiom last october and we were interested in working together.... He is nice! Good luck with him! Did he mention if he has funds?
  17. Good luck on that! Who invited u to the interview on VT?
  18. I wrote my academic placer and she congratulated me for the email and told me she was directly writing to the professor. Wish me luck!!
  19. Just received an email from a professor from Berkeley telling me the following: "Mr Diaz Your application is currently being reviewed by the Admissions Committee. You will hear from them by the end of March. Meanwhile, please summarize your funding details." Does this mean that own funding is really necessary to ensure admissions??? It sucks if that's the case!
  20. Hey! I am a Fulbright Grantee from Dominican Republic. I am working with LASPAU for the academic placement and we have three universities in common. Wish u the best of lucks!
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