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Double Spaced vs. 1.5x spaced writing sample?


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Hey all.

I've prepared a perfect 10-page sized Writing Sample for my applications. Most universities have specified that it can be either 1.5x or 2x spaced.

But the UCLA site says: "double-spaced." If I send in my 1.5x-spaced 10-page sample, do you all think this will be terribly damaging?

I spent so long chopping it down to 10 pages, I would have to lose about 3 more pages to get it to fit with 2x space.

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If they specify double space, I honestly think it would look pretty bad to still send 1.5 spaced, simply because it will look like you're deliberately ignoring explicit directions. It's not like they're not going to notice; if everyone else's papers are 2x spaced, they'll see yours side by side theirs and the difference will be immediate. It might merely irritate them slightly, but when competition is as stiff as it is these days, you don't want to be intentionally irritating the people who will get you in. I feel your pain in having to cut things down so much, it definitely sucks. But I'd say keep slogging at it (and if you're really desperate, go for 1.95x spacing or such, widen the margins a teeny-tiny bit)! Good luck ^^

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