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1) Hi I am applying for a PhD in EE. My advisor for my Master's recommended me to one of the Professors I was interested in working. The professor set up a phone interview/conversation with me and enquired about my current research and interests. He also encouraged me to apply and visit his grp if possible but suggested dont go out of your way to come over.I dint have the time and money to schedule the visit. After that we had some emails exchanged during one of which he sent me a paper and asked if I was interested in something similar so that "we could get you up to speed". I read and replied saying I was interested and also had a couple of questions about the paper. However, after that there hasnt been any replies from him for arnd 25 days. I emailed once in between with some other inquiries and no reply for that.

What do you think might be happening. Is he suddenly ditched any plans of entertaining me?

I come from a not very well known undergrad institution but am pursuing my Masters at a decently ranked univ and applying for a very reputed univ for my PhD. I have arnd 1.5 yrs of exp as an RA. I had submitted a paper for an IEEE conference but was rejected:(. I have a great GPA both in my Masters and undergrad. And not to mention strong recommendations.

2) I will be attending a conference soon(attending and not presenting any paper) and I believe my prospective advisor will be there. Do you think it will be a nice idea to meet him during that time? Also any suggestions on phrasing the email for setting up the meeting so that I could get a reply?

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My general suspicion is that you haven't heard from the professor because he/she is busy. I know that isn't fair, but it is far and away the most probable answer.

Regarding the conference, it seems like a good idea to ask the professor if they will be there and if they would like to meet. I wouldn't put too much pressure on it, but just make the offer.

Good luck,

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