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What should I do between schooling?


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I graduated college but I want to do something else before I go to grad school for cultural/linguistic anthropology. Even though I'm taking a break from school I'd like to do something that keeps the gears oiled (and not to mention looks good on a resume). Any ideas of jobs one can get in between undergrad and graduate school that would serve as good experience? I was thinking of nonprofit and social work, but I'd also like to know what else is out there. Thanks.

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Have you thought about applying to AmeriCorps? You might want to check out their site for opportunities that may appeal to you. It's a pretty good way to get some real-world experience in a non-profit setting and, also, earn money that can be applied toward paying for further education, as well. I think a one-to-two year service commitment of this sort looks great on a CV.

If that's not really your thing, I would suggest undertaking any local community research initiatives or service opportunities that will also benefit you in terms of experience while also bolstering your CV. Even if you have to wait tables during an off year, you should still find and take service opportunities to do the kinds of work you envision yourself delving into at the graduate level and beyond.

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Another vote for Americorps here. I'm currently serving as a VISTA for the year between my MA and PhD, and it's been a great experience thus far. The pay, while not great, is probably on par with a graduate student stipend, so it's not a drastic lifestyle change for me, and your student loans will be placed in deference while you serve (which means you don't have to pay the interest they accumulate during your year) and once you finish service you are eligible for the $5,500 Segal Education Award, which you can apply to a graduate program or use to pay off student loans.

Depending on where you serve, you can also get a lot of relevant experience. For example, I've been grant writing for a good portion of my year, from small to federal grants, which is fantastic considering I'll need those skills when it comes to gearing up for my fieldwork. I would definitely recommend VISTA (a 1-year commitment).

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