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  1. Hi boysh! I've lived in Lincoln for 5 years, and can tell you that a lot of places have not exactly grasped the digital revolution yet. I've always had the most luck just driving around town and looking for "For Rent" signs, but that may not be an option for you right now. I currently rent a downtown studio apartment from Nebraska Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (http://www.nebraskaris.com/), and it's $320/month + utilities, and witihin 10 minutes (walking) of the downtown campus. They have a lot of other properties scattered around town that you could get more information on, although if yo
  2. Are there any Temple PhD admits lurking around here? If so, I have a question. I saw that someone just posted an admit to the results survey (the only other admit I saw was back in Feb., so I have long counted myself out of the running, but...); what does your application status list online? I wanted to check with someone before I contacted the department, as mine still reads "pending review." Who did you contact in the department to find out? I have been in most contact with Prof. Garrett, but I am insanely nervous to email him and check in ... eep! Seriously, it's practically April and I
  3. I'm Cultural (studying body modification, systems of privilege/power and the racial/gendered readings of modified bodies in contemporary US society); how about you? My field site is actually D.C., so AU was a great fit for me in a number of ways, lol. I'm really hoping that they wouldn't offer me an admit to their MA program - better to outright reject me than offer me a degree I already have. I guess I'll be checking my email compulsively for the next few days, but at this point, I'll just be happy for some sort of closure. I'm thankful that I won't have to go through this again, at least
  4. Well, at least it's better than nothing? Were you contacted by email? I think that I'm now fully resigned to striking out with all of my applications. I'm not going to try and think about how much money I wasted on it ... :/
  5. Hi Mahsa! Here's a link to the results survey on GradCafe, specifically searching for anthropology + Syracuse --> http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=anthropology%2C+syracuse. Hopefully this helps! It looks like some admissions and rejections have been sent out already; I would suggest contacting your POI or someone in the department/admissions for specific information regarding your application's status. Good luck! Another day, another load of nothing. Theoretically, decisions should be coming soon, right? They have to give us some time to decide/praise the stars that we were a
  6. Thank you so much nyc2482! I saw that someone posted an acceptance to AU on the results survey; would that person be willing to share if they were contacted first by the department, or if they called in to check? Guess those of us who are still waiting made it past the first cut It'll be interesting to see how the break-down of PhD/MA offers goes (they seem to come out in March based on the previous years' results).
  7. Thanks for the information! Since it sounds like my POI will not be staying at AU, it's probably not too likely that I'll be hearing good news from them, but something is better than nothing! Good luck, and please let me know if you find anything out.
  8. Another day, another complete lack of information (well, that's not completely accurate; I was rejected from Northwestern over the weekend. At least it's something!). Based on the past year's results survey and the fact that there's been admits posted to the results page, I'm guessing that my rejection from Temple is still a few weeks in coming - they seem to wait a ridiculously long time to let us down, haha. But does anyone have any information on American U? My application is still listed as "submitted" and although they've sent out a few rejections a couple of weeks ago, I haven't seen
  9. I'm kinda/sorta a student at UC-Boulder, and the only information that I've heard so far is that there were 104 applicants this year between the three subdisciplines. I think this is a little less than the past couple of years, so they should be mailing out decisions soon. Also, probably a large percentage of those students are applying for the MA programs rather than a PhD, so that may make some difference. They like to have their decsisions mailed before spring break; I believe it was the first week of March in 2009 when I got in. Hope this helps! Out of curiousity, who did you interview
  10. This probably is a rarity, but I never ever received a rejection from Tulane when I applied there in 2009. When I contacted my POI in March, she told me that I had been accepted, but emailed me a couple days later to tell me that she was going off of meeting notes from the first round of application reviews, and that they had ultimately decided against admitting me (I'm not kidding, the subject of her email was "My Bad," soooo heartbreaking!). And ... then I never heard anything from them again; no official rejection, no letter, no email, nothing. I know someone else who applied for a MA progr
  11. Haha, for some reason I thought that I wouldn't upset the balance of the universe/tempt the fates if I didn't mention the program name, but yes, waiting on AU. I just checked the site, and it looks like they do everything through postal service, including admits, so who knows! I can't really tell using the results section if they are a school that sends out admits first or second; every admit listed has been for the public anthropology program rather than the PhD. Stressful!
  12. I think it really depends on the department and how well an applicant seems to "fit" in a program. I've had a 3.9 GPA in undergrad and in my MA program, and my GRE scores were decent; when I applied the first time around, I was accepted to 3 schools, including a PhD program with a massive fellowship. This time around, I've applied to three schools, and so far, I've got two (probable) rejections and have heard absolutely nothing from the third program. Compared with my first round, I'm definitely a much stronger applicant now: I've taken comps, been awarded a few research grants and fellowships
  13. I completely believed that today would be the day that I would get actual, concrete, solid, for real information ... and then, gutter ball. How much longer can this possibly go on? (Although, it looks like Northwestern's admits/wait lists went out today, so I'll probably get linked to a denial form from them in the next day or so.) How is everyone who has yet to hear anything--positive or negative--managing in the meantime? New hobbies? Wearing out your mobile devices checking your email? Rewatching all of your favorite/most comforting movies?
  14. I already have an MA in anth, so I doubt they'd admit me to the MA program there, haha (or, if they did, I'd have a pretty huge WTF moment then go elsewhere!). That's horrible to hear about Dr. Prince, I spoke with her in October and she seemed so enthusiastic and interested in my research ... is she leaving AU? There was a similar "scandal" at my MA university, and while I wouldn't say it makes the entire program seem unstable, it's good to know about these sorts of issues coming into a place for whichever folks they admit this year. Dr. Leap was very forthcoming as well, I was able to get in
  15. Hi! I'm hoping to work with Sabiyha Prince at AU, although I was also in minor contact with William Leap as I was applying; everyone seemed really friendly, although I was told up front that they have only been able to admit a couple of students to the PhD each year. I've been going through the past years' results for AU, and it seems like many of the applicants get accepted for the public anthro MA and rejected from the PhD program ... it's tough hearing that they've been put through such a financial wringer the past couple of years! Of course, now your message has really made me hope that
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