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What would YOU do? Writing sample Q!


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This may sound silly but here is my problem:

I have many, many average papers which are about 12-15 pages long that I can submit as a writing sample. I have a good one that is 8 pages, which I was thinking of lengthening to fit the 15 page requirement for many schools.


I have a 1,200 word, published paper.

I really, really, really want to submit the published paper. Although it is short, it is heavier than my other average papers.

What would you do in this situation?


1) Submit an average 10-15 page paper

2) Lengthen the 8 page "good" paper

3) Submit a published paper that is much shorter than the 15 page requirement/approximation

I know many of you are going nuts trying to get apps in ..so to you...good luck!

THANKS! Your input is very helpful.

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Don't lengthen the good paper. Why waste your time, and it might turn out just being average at the end. I'd send the published paper and explain the reason for doing so in your SOP. Or, send both an average and published paper if you can and explain that in your SOP. Schools want to see research potential, and getting a paper published shows potential, even if it is a little short.

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I was thinking of doing that, sending the good and published paper, but was worried and/or intimidated by the requirement of 15 pages, assuming it was for one paper.

I will consider doing that, I feel it would be a good choice in this case.


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