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  1. Ween: It's gonna be a long night Foreigner: Urgent Madonna: Borderline Alice in Chains: Again NIrvana: Milk it Ween: Zoloft
  2. FertMigMort: I have a question. I was invited to an open house for prospective students. The letter stated that the offer was not a guarantee of admissions however. Have you heard of this type of thing? Do you know (in general) what percentages of applicants are admitted in such situations? I heard the department invites about 20-25 people, but new cohorts are between 8-12. It seems to me that even if the department invited 25 people, some of those people are still going to accept elsewhere. I know its kind of a particular question, but do you have any general advice on this?
  3. I think you need to follow your heart. I especially like your option #2...living up to these expectations. You seem (online) like a reasonable guy. I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Sociograd


    Looking through last year, it does seem possible that we may begin hearing anytime now. Acceptances started going out on the 23rd. And, an acceptance posted on the 17th may mean they have some on their desks ready to go.
  5. I guess it depends upon what kind of zombies were talking about. If the zombies were like Dawn of the Dead original, I guess I bike would be okay. Dawn of the Dead remake where all the zombies are sprinting and super aggressive, I think a car would be better.
  6. I posted elsewhere on this but I'll post again. US citizens looking at Canadian universities need to make sure they will be able to cross the border in time. Things like medical conditions, lack of funding, criminal records, passports/province certificates etc., may make you ineligible to cross the border when the time comes. Canada is pretty strict..make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
  7. @queens: February is still really early for some programs and really late or others. Some do interviews before acceptances and others don't. Some will basically deem you as guaranteed but still invite you through the interview stage like everyone else. I guess its kind of impossible to know exactly unless you call or email someone. But, I'd wait on that until at least a couple weeks after the wave.
  8. Yeah coko, we can all relate. You'll hear eventually. Good luck
  9. It's not too late until they've made a decision I guess. I'd send a short letter in the email (and ask if they would like an attachment explaining the situation) and see if it can be forwarded to your application materials. It will show interest if nothing else--everybody makes mistakes.
  10. Hi everyone: I applied to the Sociology program at UW-Madison. According to the results survey, acceptances and rejections were sent out between Feb 2nd and Feb 8th. I still have not heard anything and the graduate school application still says "pending". I'm likely going to find out tomorrow where I am at. Does anybody have any thoughts on what may be happening? Has anybody experienced something like this in the past?
  11. Word of advice on Canadian universities for US applicants. Make sure you'll be able to secure the necessities to cross the border. Medical issues, lack of adequate funding, criminal records (i.e. shoplifting, drug possession, disorderly conduct, dui, etc.--even if way in the past) can/will prevent you from entering Canada as a US citizen.
  12. Well, I'm hoping this is what is going on for me at Madison. It's been two weeks since the decisions and the way it seems on these forums is that everybody else has already heard. Thanks for the post jacib: it's uplifting!
  13. Do you know if they let those people who got in before the interview invite that they had indeed been accepted? Or does everybody have to wait to find out?
  14. Yeah, I'm still waiting on a decision from Madison. They sent out a bunch of acceptances/rejections about two weeks ago. I don't know what this means. I called but the graduate coordinator doesn't return until Monday.
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