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So, I'm beginning to get frustrated with a school I've applied to. So far, they seem to not communicate very well (no response to email, uninformed people trying to answer questions over the phone and reluctant to transfer to the people I need to talk to) Also, when they reviewed my pre-requisite courses, they missed two courses I took, and subsequently told me that I need to take them. (That got cleared up. Actually the first truly productive communication I've had with them).

So, am I getting frustrated for no reason? Is it just because of the large volume of applications they are processing? I don't know. I just feel that a school I may be considering spending the next three years of my life with should have their (expletive) together.

sorry for the rant

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you may be on to something.

i spent 3 years on a professionally oriented masters degree at a fairly decent school, but the whole program was a poorly organized mess. and many of the classes were also somewhat below average in structure, curriculum, and assessment. its too bad that i was ignorant of any warning signs in the beginning. it wasn't until about midway through the program in which i realized what i had got myself into. i still finished it, but i can't say i'm too happy with what i got out of it even though i got good grades and all.

i'd recommend you do whatever else you can to find out more about the program. try contacting some current students. you never know, maybe they're just having a really hectic month and its actually a really good program.

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