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Rejected-School Psychology Program, but invited to be considered for Masters program


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I received my (expected) rejection from Loyola's Phd in School Psychology--by email. In the email, the program director invites me to have my application information "switched" to the dual Masters program. The admission requirements for the Phd and the Masters program are identical. If I didn't meet their standards for the Phd, it does not follow that I would meet that standard for the Masters program. Is this is a common occurence, to be invited to switch your application materials in this way?

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A few years ago, this happened to one of my friends. I think the reasoning for why programs do this can be numerous, but ultimately it might not be important. It's not a rejection. In her case when she agreed to have her materials switched, she was accepted into the masters program. Don't view it as a negative. You could always get in on the masters level, network/research with the faculty whose work converges with yours, then reapply for the PhD. It will just take a bit longer.

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I'm in a M.S. program (I applied to only master's programs) and about 75% of my class are people who applied to PhD programs, got rejected, and were offered a place in the M.S. program at my school instead of the PhD program. As far as I know, they are all happy, even though this wasn't their first choice (obvi they'd prefer a PhD program, but I think they are happy with the caliber of the program and the prep work it lays to help them get into competitive PhD programs in 2 years). Don't ever reject an opportunity without exploring it first- the master's program might be a total waste of time but it also might be a great fit.

Good luck!

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