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FREAKING OUT! Help please!


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So I sent in all my application materials to Cornell last week, and gave my GRE on the 3rd of November. According to my score report online, my GRE scores were sent to Cornell on the 23rd of November.

But today, the admissions lady emailed me saying "the scores are not uploaded yet and hope it happens soon".

What does that mean? I can't afford to waste time ordering scores and re-sending them especially since they online report claims to have sent them on the 23rd.

What do I do? I'm seriously panicking.

Oh and I also haven't received my scores in the mail, but that's maybe because I live abroad?

What do you think?

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Something like this happened with my Chicago application

Contact the ETS and tell them that your scores have not arrived. If Cornell receives the scores in batches (which most scores do), you will be given a "batch number". You can then contact graduate admissions at Cornell and they will tell you the status of your GREs.

Good luck!

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