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Research interests in application (UC Davis app)

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When I talk about academic plans and research interests, do I go for a very narrow scope (i have research experience and have an idea of what i would do for my research project in my MS program), or should I talk about a broad set of research interests? I know that what you propose on your application doesn't have influence on what you end up actually doing in grad school, but should I show the committee I do have a specific idea about it and show that I have given what I would want my project to be a lot of thought? or that I am flexible and open to doing a broad range of research within a certain category (which is more realistic regarding what will actually happen due to grants, PI influence etc)? I'm not sure what they would prefer, and truthfully I while I can easily find great interest in any topic within my program (animal nutrition), I do have a strong opinion about what I would like to do in grad school. Thoughts?

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I would do both. You should say what you want to do first and then talk about it more generally. I spoke about language pedagogy specifically and then spoke about the broad categories that i could fit into as well

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