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  1. Also, my app said not to go over 2,000 characters incl. spaces. So, maybe yours is supposed to be a lot more extensive for that school, depending on what your app says.
  2. I'm also applying to a school that requires research interests. STILL APPLY! The school is just looking to see that you actually have research interests- make stuff up. Seriously. I'll send you mine privately if you'd like, but you have to keep in mind that I have had a lot of research experience. But truthfully, I don't really talk about my past research experiences in this (they have a different section for that anyways) except for maybe one sentence. I do base all of this off on research that I have done though. BUT this shouldn't matter. Like finknottle said, your research interests have little to do with what you end up doing. This is not your formal research plan. My advice: Go to google scholar, look up a few papers in the area you are interested in, and base your research interests off several papers that have recently been published (at the end of each published paper, they should talk about where the next step in research in that area should go). Definitely look at a couple of review papers. This will show that you have a realistic idea of the research done in your area of interest.
  3. this reminded me to send my transcripts earlier rather than later! it can take awhile, and leave time in case you need to re-send transcripts.
  4. The coastline is the interaction of land and sea. [when applying to science programs you want to think in terms of field technical terms. They know all about how the coastline is the interaction of land and sea- you are speaking to professors, not writing a piece for the local 1st grade class] This interaction is demonstrated in the aftermath of the Indonesian Tsunami (2004) and Hurricane Katrina (2005). [this is super random, why would u put this in unless it directly relates to your research that you have already completed, or want to study these two events specifically in your program.] Management officials have come across a dual problem in protecting a coastline that is home to wildlife, a variety of habitats, and protecting those people that live along the coast. [you list three things: wildlife, habitats, and places people live, but describe it as a dual problem- make your language reflect duality: habitats for wildlife and places for people] In my college and interning experience, I have learned how important it is to educate others on how what we on land will eventually end up in the sea. [talk about how you came to this conclusion- did a specific experience in your program demonstrate how education helps environmental policymaking issues? Also, clarify: how what we on land will eventually end up in the sea.] I wanted to take this to another level by not only educating but also being a part of the policymaking decisions that affect the coastline. [wanted? (Tense). How is this degree going to provide this] I decided that furthering my education through a master’s degree would provide me with more opportunities in the future. [describe opportunities] Four years of undergraduate courses in the fields of environmental and marine sciences at Barry University has not only provided me with the educational background on the natural resources in the world but has helped sharpen other skills as well. [this is another assumption of all undergrad degrees- what made you as a student excel in this environment? How did you take the resources and opportunities that they gave you and make the best of them?] These skills include making me a better public speaker, a team player, an individual worker, and a time manager. [i think that this is an assumption of all undergraduate degrees. If you have specific tasks that you did, use these as examples – show that you have these through a story of your experience, don’t tell them that you have these] On a research level, I have learned how important it is to be organized in identification, collection, and analyzation of different plants and animals to be able to compile reports. [what research level? Is this your research?] After graduating I furthered my love for the environmental and marine sciences by obtaining an internship position at the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve. [this is a long sentence and if you have a short space, it’s saying a lot of nothing while only delivering the fact that you got an internship in the area you love, which is obvious if you are applying to this program that you love this area. Change it to something more substantial while talking specifics and how the experience impacted you] As an intern, I have worked closely with the manager and environmental specialist on different projects ranging from learning how to put a management plan together to FDEP UMAM Mitigation specifics. [more! This hits what you want to convey: management, leadership, time management, teamwork, etc] I recently have been asked to develop and facilitate a program designed to provide teachers with lesson plans and activities relating to seagrass. [talk about why you were chosen for this – your love of education, etc] On behalf of the Preserve, I have attended meeting on coastal conservation and uses. [what have you learned from these meetings? Is this why you are interested in policymaking?] I also have assisted in educating visitors about the Biscayne Aquatic Preserve through seining, water quality testing, species identification and a sortment of activities. [an assortment. Also add this into a general “education” section up there with your program about seagrass] While participating in projects with the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve, I have decided that a Master in Professional Science in Coastal Zone Management with a specialty in marine protected areas is the program for me. [that’s nice] These projects have showed me how important it is to protect and fight on the behalf of the coastline. [you don’t say whyyyy] The key to coastal communities surviving in today’s world is to find a way to balance economic and recreation activities with the high population density growing along the coastline. [this should be your first sentence] My ultimate goal is a dual one. [empty sentence- I understand you are trying to transition but…] I hope to use my Masters in Professional Science degree to work hands-on with the public in educating and promoting the appreciation of the coastline both in the United States and internationally. [yes] I hope to also work for a government agency that helps makes policymaking decisions that affect how coastlines are used and protected. [yes] [need ending]
  5. maybe talk about why you were motivated to do the random volunteering experiences/about how that similar motivation led you to pursue health promo- maybe connect everything to your motivation and your gradual interest in health promotion as a career. leave in the volunteering. maybe try to stay away from forcing connection to the health promo, because app committees realize not everyone knows what they want to do from the start
  6. When I talk about academic plans and research interests, do I go for a very narrow scope (i have research experience and have an idea of what i would do for my research project in my MS program), or should I talk about a broad set of research interests? I know that what you propose on your application doesn't have influence on what you end up actually doing in grad school, but should I show the committee I do have a specific idea about it and show that I have given what I would want my project to be a lot of thought? or that I am flexible and open to doing a broad range of research within a certain category (which is more realistic regarding what will actually happen due to grants, PI influence etc)? I'm not sure what they would prefer, and truthfully I while I can easily find great interest in any topic within my program (animal nutrition), I do have a strong opinion about what I would like to do in grad school. Thoughts?
  7. anyone want to swap practice writing samples?
  8. that sucks! 10$ is a lot for an app too
  9. Campus websites should have the list of their faculty and pages for each faculty member listing their publications. You can also contact the graduate program that you're interested in and ask them to recommend professors with similar research interests. Then, call or email a professor in the department and talk to them about it. Always remember to ask whether you are catching them at a bad time and ask if you could schedule another phone call if they are busy when you call them.
  10. Wow I really like it, it has a nice math component to it as well which def beats out the other gre apps I downloaded. The Kaplan gre vocab app is also a really good one for basic vocab flashcards. Thanks!
  11. Just downloaded a free app with words like "wreak" and "yearling" on their highest level...expert. Any suggestions for an app that I can take seriously? Lol. I'll definitely pay for one but want to see what you guys think
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