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CSUN Distance Learning Communication Disorders


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Dear Gradcafe cyber world,

I am a prospective graduate student in pursuit of a career as an SLP. Below are the schools I have applied/will be applying to:

1. Cal State Northridge (distance learning)

2. NOVA (online)

3. Cal State LA- traditional program

4. Cal State San Marcos- traditional program

I know that CSUN will be notifying students of their acceptance within the next month (January). Has anyone heard anything about the process? Will there be interviews?

Good luck to everyone!

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Hello there!

I also applied to two of the schools you listed (Cal State San Marcos-traditional and Cal State Northridge-distance learning).

In regards to Cal State Northridge, I spoke with someone in the CDS department fairly recently. They informed me that it is unlikely there will be any interviews this year. The only instance in which they conduct interviews is when they experience trouble filling spots due to a large amount of "extremely competitive" applicants. They also informed me that the acceptance notices will be sent out via email, and those should be arriving at the end of this week (January 11th, 12th, and 13th). I hope this information helps :D

Have you heard anything in regards to Cal State San Marcos?

Many blessings to you! I hope we both get accepted! Thank you:D

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Thanks for the news and the encouragement! In regards to CSUN- I hope we both get accepted too!

I have not heard from Cal State San Marcos yet. They had a recent information meeting (I think it was tonight) but I was unable to attend. I plan on talking with someone at the program tomorrow so I will let you know as soon as I get some information!!

Thank you again for sharing the CSUN info. I have been checking my email approximately 1,000 times a day and having a general idea of when they will contact us is giving me peace of mind!

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Hmmm, I applied to CSUN also, but have not received any thing as of yet. How were you notified? Are you willing to share what undergraduat program you were in, your GPA and GRE? I am thinking I may have to go back and retake the courses I received B's in..... darn it. Any tips you can share? thanks!

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