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Any Teach For America alums out there?


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Hey folks! I'm glad I stumbled upon this website! Weirdly, it makes me less anxious. I was wondering if there were any TFA alums here who applied for MPA/MPP programs in fall 2012. I completed my corps experience in the South and am currently in my 3rd year of teaching at a high performing charter network on the east coast. I am ready to leave the classroom and am interested in earning some policy credentials through grad school. I am a little nervous about my stats- I didn't do too well on the GRE but I do have work experience! I'm curious as to what schools other alums have applied to. Non-TFA peeps are more than welcome to respond as well!

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Hey Lagirl, congrats on completing your cm experience! I'll be done this spring nyc '10. I'm sure you are aware already from the TFA website but it's got a great list of programs that offer us alums scholarships and a variety of other bonuses. there is a specific list for policy programs.


good luck!

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