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  1. MGJR

    HGSE Fall 2014

    Hello! Everyone on this thread and the 13-14 thread seems so supportive, it's awesome. I am interested in applying to the new PhD program in Human Development, Learning and Teaching. Does anyone have insight into this program? I think this might be very, very much a pipe dream for me, but I've always wanted to go all the way and earn my PhD and this might be a fantastic opportunity. I am super passionate about childhood education and urban education and...yeah I'm excited. Here are my stats: BA (small liberal arts) 3.4, MA, 3.6 (well known private uni) MS 3.9 in K-6 Education NYC Teach for America Alum 2 years in top performing NYC charter school, 2 additional years at another top performing charter (4 total teaching years) I still need to take the GRE, and way back when I did terribly, but I think I might like this new test! We will see
  2. MGJR

    Worcester, MA

    I went to Clark for undergrad and am a huge Worcester advocate! It is a very, very safe city. I wouldn't even call it ugly, there are many fun outdoor things to do! There is also an arts scene there as well, the Worcester Art museum and the Worcester Center for Crafts are just starting points. Then, there are tons of music shows from the Palladium to other smaller venues to peoples basements. PM if you want more info! and good luck, you lucky ducks moving to Worcester!
  3. wow! what a wealth of knowledge. thanks very much for this GreenDiplomat
  4. Thank you @ Cunninlynguist! Do you know how many applied? Just trying to get a sense, I'm guessing 200-300?
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know how many people Yale accepts? Or generally, how big the class size is? thanks!
  6. Hey Lagirl, congrats on completing your cm experience! I'll be done this spring nyc '10. I'm sure you are aware already from the TFA website but it's got a great list of programs that offer us alums scholarships and a variety of other bonuses. there is a specific list for policy programs. http://www.teachforamerica.org/why-teach-for-america/compensation-and-benefits/graduate-school-and-employer-partnerships good luck!
  7. I went to NYU mcc for my ma and am getting my second masters in education via Teach for America. Applied to only Syracuse mass comm and Harvard film phd. We'll see what happens!! Nervous//excited.
  8. I think you should go for it. You definitely don't need to change who you are, and if anything G school may push you to improve certain work habits that may need tweaking before entering the work force. It is only 2 years and if you are not looking to continue in perpetual acdemia then you definitely will not have to deal with the most annoying people there are, despite being on their periphery. At the end of the day it's a great opportunity and that's what life's all about right? It wil also probably raise your "net worth" over the years as well, even if you have a career change.
  9. Sorry I don't live in Philly and so I can't help there but I will say, just to contribute my situation, I did have a sit down meeting with the department chair about a phd program at Harvard a few years ago and it was fabulous (I ended up putting off my app for other reasons).However, I plan on meeting with a few more professors this fall and sitting in on classes. I am always professional when I ask to come so I understand if they can't meet. I am also personable, I like to see what programs are actually like before I commit and that's just my style. I think that it is ultimately better, in all aspects, to be able to put a face to a name on an applicaiton. It also shows your dedication and your willingness to be involved in the department. If an instructor is unable to meet with you then no big deal, completely understandable, but it has certainly never hurt to ask.
  10. MGJR


    Hey KitKat, I never sought help besides other readers but this year I bought and highly recommend this book by Donald Asher. It gives all sorts of fabulous advice and helps get your creative juices flowing. Furthermore, there are over 50 exemplar essays in there to take a look at. http://www.amazon.com/Graduate-Admissions-Essays-School-Choice/dp/1580088724/ref=pd_sim_b1
  11. Congrats to all accepted! Syracuse is my top choice, but I am not applying until next fall. would you mind posting your stats? just curious what the program is looking for. thanks!
  12. MGJR


    congratulations! are both of your masters in or around communication arts? I have one masters in visual culture but am receiiving another in education currently via TFA, but am planning to apply for my phd in the fall in comm. What are your thoughts?
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