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Temple University - Fall 2012


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Has anyone else applied to Temple and/or is already in the program there? I'm having some difficulties getting in touch with the department to check and see whether or not my supplementary materials have arrived (contact person doesn't return calls/emails, administrative assistants won't respond, etc.) and I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue? Also, if someone could verify the mailing address for the supplementary materials, that would be great as well.

According to the online system (through the Graduate College), there has been no connection between the department (where my LORs, writing sample, CV, and transcripts were sent) and the graduate college. I'm worried that my application will be listed as incomplete and won't be forwarded to the department for this reason. Is there anyone who can help ease my worries? :) Thanks!

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WOW, that's a long time off for them (I'm jealous!), but thanks for the info. I've been in contact with the graduate school, there's just the issue with my missing information (specifically, transcripts and letters of recommendation) that were sent directly to the department rather than the graduate school. I've emailed the grad school to make sure that, so long as the dept has that information, it won't negatively impact my application.

Thanks for the information, that explains why I haven't had anyone getting back in touch, haha!

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Answering my own question, in case anyone else is having similar concerns with Temple (or just wants general reassurance). I was able to get in contact with the dept. today, and was told that they do not do a completion check until after the Jan. 15 deadline, after which point they contact applicants who are missing information to have it sent in (at no penalty to the applicant). So, until that point, as I was told, the information on the graduate school website is completely irrelevant! Good to know, good to know ...

Guess that means I am officially done and waiting for decisions to be passed down. Awesome. How many days until March?

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