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Best time for admission...Spring or Fall????


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Hi Friends,

I want to do Management Information System (MIS) please help me with the below questions

I am planning to take GRE this year but want to know with below queries before taking the xam.

1)I want to know what is the best time to take the admission, is it Spring or Fall???

2)In which time job requirement will have more??

Please advise me as there are people here who know this very well

Thanks in advance for spending ur time.

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Fall is usually better because most of the graduate students commence their studies at that time. So it is easier to meet new people who are also willing to get to know new people, and also easier to find housing.

I am confused about your second question- what do you mean by job requirement?

I am still an undergrad. I wanted to start my PhD in fall. This is one of the main reasons I decided to stay one extra term to graduate in spring with one additional Bachelor's degree. This way I would start my PhD next fall.

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2Q) I mean to say in which time (SPring or Fall) job opportunities will be more so that i can take the admission accordingly. For example if there are more chances to get a job in Fall then i will take the admission in Fall.

In India there will be more chances of jobs in June/July

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Fall admission is probably better as schools typically allot more spaces for fall enrollment. Spring spaces are usually more restricted, therefore lowers your chances of admission. As for your second question, in this economy, you just never know when the right time is.

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