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Posi-core imaginings thread


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I am hoping to start a thread that gives us a chance to imagine good results coming from the adcoms checking out our applications. I mean, it's cheesy, it's not rationally going to change things, but I think I need to do this after reading all the other threads about people imagining getting horribly rejected.

So, for me, I imagine:

"It's too personal, but hey, at least it's not boring. She might be a wingnut, but her interests are certainly a fit with the department. Her grades and GREs - nothing special but in the middle of our range. Her CV is a bit fudged, but hey, you've got to learn how to spin things for grant applications anyway. She was nice in her email, if a bit long-winded. We'll put her app on the pile of possible admits."

Hey, if I still get rejected, at least I can imagine that I am still an interesting person or whatever.

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