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  1. I've been waiting... and waiting... and WAITING for Albany. Their process is absurd. Finally had to call b/c if I didn't sign up for classes at one of the other two schools I was accepted into, there wouldn't be any classes left by the time I heard from Albany! I called and explained my predicament, and they explained that they had started sending out initial acceptance letters, but I was "low ranking." Really? I got into Hunter which has an acceptance rate FAR more exclusive than Albany's. I have a 3.75 GPA, I'm in 3 prestigious honors programs, 3 years human service paid/unpaid experience, e
  2. Took me a month to hear about an interview. I have mine on 2/24. I'm really hoping it doesn't take an entire extra month to receive notification after that!! I'm really nervous since my undergrad is NOT social work, it's social science with a minor in psychology. I have taken 3 undergrad social work classes which AT LEAST helps, but I feel not as in the loop! gguuuhhhh.
  3. Hi. My application was submitted around Christmas, but one of my recommendation letters wasn't received until 1/11. I was notified of an interview today. Mine is on 2/24! I'm so nervous! I'm gonna go nuts after this interview!
  4. Update! I got an interview request from Hunter today! It's on February 24th! I called about acceptance letters too. They stated they are not rolling, and letters will go out end of March to the first week of April. Still haven't heard anything from Albany or Fordham. But Albany told me I should receive notification about the same time as Hunter's, and Fordham stated it was about 1 month from the submission of all of your materials. If that's the case, I should be hearing from Fordham any day now.
  5. Wow! Willing to travel! I wish. I'm a young adult now with a home and about to be married. And his career is here, hence my local applications. But if it's any consolation, I did tons of research on Columbia and NYU, as they were initially on my list, and they are really easy to get into as long as you're willing to fork out the dough. We actually had an open forum with grad schools where I am completing my undergrad, with reps from those two schools, along with schools I intended on applying to. The one downside, (that they even admitted to), was that the big ivy league school name isn't impo
  6. 8! Holy moly. Expensive.. My hunter app alone cost me 125$.. Absurd. I was actually going to apply to 4, the other being Adelphi (crap school for people who can't get into a decent school and pay out the nose for it), but I figured I could make it at least into Fordham (about 50% acceptance rate, plus one of my letters came from a phd grad from there and another letter from a former prof there, and its still cheaper than Adelphi).. So I figure that's probably my crap option school. GUH... Where did you apply?
  7. I applied to Albany, Hunter, and Fordham's 2 year MSW programs for Fall 2012. I completed them mid December... Although, one of my recommendation professors didn't submit until last week. What were everyone's stats like? I have: - 3.76 (Social Science, not Social Work) - Honors program - Alpha Chi - Pi Gamma Mu - Social Work Club - Two outside school Internships in social work private practice and county wide non profit case management - Two years direct patient practice within long term care and acute care hospitals. - Four letters of recommendation.. one from my internship fr
  8. Kill me now? How long does it take? This rolling admissions thing is brutal. Anybody got a clue how long this panic attack that grad schools are forcing me to go through will last? (What I really mean is whats the typical wait time to hear from these schools?) Also, if anyone who has been accepted, also applied, and/or went to these schools what your stats were like? GPA, extra-curicular, work experience, etc. I'm going bat shit here.
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