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Applying for assistantship--advice welcome!!


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The graduate director sent out some information about a graduate assistantship that starts in June, and I'm really interested in applying. Basically, if I got this assistantship I would be acting as an academic advisor for undergrads.

Now, I've never applied for one of these before. I'm not really sure how I should put together my resume and cover letter or what I should include on them. I'm only an MA student so I don't know how great my chances are, but I've decided to give it a shot! I'd really appreciate some advice!

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This reply could be too late, but...

It really depends on your specific experience. It's hard to give advice, because it winds up being personal in the end.

What relevant experience do you have? Have you done advising before? Even as a volunteer? Or been a mentor/leader in any capacity?

Have you ever read "The CV Doctor" on the Chronicle of Higher Education? (Do a search). Many different scenarios, good advice.

Also, I think the Chronicle recently - maybe ProfHacker - was doing a series on applying to non-academic/administrative jobs.

Typically, no matter what I'm applying for, I re-jig my CV every time, and write a new letter. (it can be based on other letters, but I typically try to make each letter specific to the job.) On my CV, after education, I"ll put the most relevant category. E.g. I recently applied for a TAship, and I put the teaching experience up-front. When I applied for an RA, the "Research Experience" got priority.

Even though my CV is longer than one page, I try to get the most relevant things on the first page, and use the letter to highlight specific relevant things.

For myself, I find that academic and non-academic job applications are, in principle, the same. Get to the point, be meticulous, be relevant.

I recently read this piece - interesting: http://lifehacker.com/5874647/why-i-wont-hire-you

This is mostly general, but without knowing you...

Best of luck!

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