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Following up with POIs while waiting


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Is there some way to follow up with my POIs while I wait for the results to come in?

I was thinking I could write:

"Dear Prof. X,

I just wanted to drop you a note because I mentioned you in particular in my application as someone I'm interested in working with. Thanks again for the great visit back in October.



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Bad idea. You really don't want to interfere with the admissions process in any way while they're actually reviewing applications. The prof will know you mentioned him/her on your application when he/she reads it, so just sit tight and wait for a decision.

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I had a similar query.. Since some of the deadlines were early, I hadn't finished writing up my research and couldn't submit my research write-up as part of the writing sample.. I now have a decent write-up and would like to update my application.. Any idea if this is possible? If so, how should I go about doing it?? Mail the admissions contact? Or the professor I mentioned in my SOP and had prior email contact with?

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