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  1. Hey OutThere - I know that all the interview invitations have all been sent out for NW IPTD. But I have also received a formal rejection from them, like Seeking. The fact that you've heard nothing leads me to believe that you are maybe on the waiting list. Good luck. salvatura - that's a tough one. For some reason, I like the idea of School #1. If you really love all the faculty and the students all seem genuinely happy, AND you'll be able to keep up your creative practice - what could be better? At any rate, when I read your message, I get the feeling that it's where you really want to go.
  2. Well, I got into Brown! --- which is unbelievable. I can stop stressing about everything else, I think... And now it's just funny to me that everyone else wants to reject me. Oy!!
  3. I've heard that sometimes NW doesn't make the arrangements until about two weeks before the interview weekend. Good luck!
  4. The interview went very well, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. We spoke in some detail about my project, including some in-depth inquiry (which I think I handled rather well) and they asked me about my interest in Brown, etc. Pretty much how Clifford described it.
  5. Seriously. I never would have thought that my perception of time could change so dramatically based on this stuff. Regardless, I still haven't heard a thing from any of my schools. One good interview, but nothing solid, and otherwise, total silence. I have great envy for Clifford - it must be nice to have heard back from nearly everyone! Congratulations on your successes.
  6. It sounds to me like you are in the finalist group. However, that whole (unfunded) graduate student conference invitation is a bit vague and confusing. There are definitely some mixed messages at play here interest/funding-wise. Regardless, I'd be feeling good about things if I were you. Seems promising. And for what it's worth, I also applied there and I haven't heard anything.
  7. I'd be curious to know about your research interests and stats, if you guys are open to that.
  8. No word or online status change from Brown or Berkeley yet.
  9. Just seeing that two people have heard fom two of my application schools has me convinced that I am out of contention everywhere. Maybe I can at least just stop thinking about it.
  10. Thanks for saying so, though I'm afraid my list of schools is likely much more impressive than my chances. I'm an "older" applicant, with low/average GRE and undergrad GPA... ughhhh
  11. I have a friend who went through the UCI/SD program and he loved it, but he told me it probably wasn't right for me. My interests are in the realm of avant-garde histories and theories of creative logic.
  12. Indeed we are. Are you only applying to one school? I have aimed high... Berkeley, Stanford, ucla, ucsb, northwestern, ut, brown, ucdavis Bloodbath
  13. At least 4 outright rejections. Two interviews, and if they go well, i get into 1. 2 wait list. 2 outright acceptances. This is a mix of optimism and pessimism. Or I will get into everywhere. Yeah, probably that. Actually, I'm guessing all rejections. I'm all over the place. It's a blood bath.
  14. Is the consensus that one must have made direct contact and established some level of rapport with POIs in order to stand a real chance at admission? I'm worried, as I only had minimal contact with two POIs total...
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