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  1. directeur

    Fall 2018 Performance Studies PhD

    I think all the NYU decisions have gone out by now. You might want to contact them.
  2. directeur

    Eugene, OR

    Hi all, I'm currently a student at UO in Eugene. I think this thread has already covered a lot about the area and school, but I'm happy to try to answer any specific questions. I actually moved here from Florida as well. Eugene definitely has a different vibe from most of Florida. Colder, grayer, hillier, and more liberal to start with.
  3. directeur

    Eugene, OR

    Hi all, I've just accepted a spot in an MA program at U of O, and am looking forward to moving to Eugene! I just visited the campus and was impressed by how beautiful it was. I'm hoping to share a house with a couple other grad students, so those of you attending in the fall, look for a PM from me.
  4. directeur

    Theatre/performance 2016 MA and PhD applicants

    I've been accepted to MA programs at UW-Madison, University of Oregon, and NYU. Still waiting on 3 schools, but I'm so glad to know I'm heading to grad school!
  5. directeur

    Theatre/performance 2016 MA and PhD applicants

    Thanks for the interview info; sorry yours didn't go better! You never know though - I bet it went better than you thought. I don't know much about BGSU, but I have a friend who attended the directing program at Indiana and really loved it. He said the faculty were great to work with.
  6. directeur

    Theatre/performance 2016 MA and PhD applicants

    Welcome, BipsyBot77! 2 acceptances - that's great! Sorry to hear about Brown though. mrbabaee - how did your interview go? I just heard I have a Skype interview with UCSB tomorrow, and I'm curious as well about what kind of questions I'll be asked.
  7. directeur

    Theatre/performance 2016 MA and PhD applicants

    Congrats talkingscop and mrbabaee! I've gotten two rejections and am waiting on 6 more. I keep telling myself no news is good news, but I'm getting antsy.
  8. directeur

    Theatre/performance 2016 MA and PhD applicants

    Good to hear from all of you! I'm curious - have you been in touch with POIs at the schools you're applying to? I've had some hits and misses with that.
  9. Anyone applying to MA or PhD programs for 2016? So far, I'm looking at University of Oregon, UC-Santa Barbara, UT-Austin, Stony Brook University, and Northwestern. I'm looking for strong interdisciplinary-based programs.
  10. directeur

    Acting MFA—How much experience is needed?

    I work in a theatre connected with a well-respected Acting MFA program. From what I've seen, the amount of experience students have varies quite a bit. Some of the students are admitted to the program directly from undergrad, with only educational acting credits. Some are admitted after having been out of school for years. These students often have some professional credits, usually small regional theatres, off-off broadway, and occasionally off-broadway. From what I've seen, the faculty is looking for talent first and foremost, as well as dedication, a strong theatre background, and a clear desire to pursue a professional acting career. Strong letters of recommendation are a big help in this field.
  11. directeur

    Acceptance (Not Accepted)

    I'm loving this thread. I applied to 6 schools for an MFA program, have been rejected from 5, and will probably be rejected from the last one (they're only accepting 1 student this year). I've been feeling pretty down on myself, but recently found a job posting for a great job in my field, and I have a second interview on Friday. I've realized that although my plans for going to grad school in the fall probably won't be happening, I have a lot of things to look forward to, and this opens up the opportunity for me to get some great experience and become a more well-rounded person before applying again. It's all in how you look at it...
  12. directeur

    Anyone else getting depressed?

    I had been doing fine, keeping a level head, reminding myself how competitive all the programs I'm applying to are, but getting rejected today from my safety school definitely hurts and is making the depression and irritability hard to stave off. Two schools left to hear from... sigh.
  13. directeur

    Playwriting MFAs

    Hi Rob, I'm interviewing at UCSD for the directing program next weekend, and I'm very excited. How long was your interview, and do you have any tips based on how your interview went? Best of luck to you!
  14. directeur

    Theatre Programs

    Vicki, I heard from UMass-Amherst about an interview on Feb. 18, but that was for the MFA-Directing program. I'll be interviewing March 7. Hope that helps a bit!
  15. directeur

    How old are you?

    26. I specifically waited this long to apply because my field (MFA-Theatre Directing) expects a good deal of professional experience outside of undergrad. I just hope I've waited long enough! Many other applicants in my field are older and more experienced than me.

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