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Anyone here hang out on Reddit?


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Personal favorite: r/shittyaskscience. Where i shine.

Others: mylittlesquidward, dinosaurs_smoking, wtf, science, climate, geology, zombies, nosleep, my school, my alma mater, some girly ones, a nail polish one, some default ones (like askreddit and videos), etc... yeah, don't judge.

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If there are any English Lit students here, be careful in r/literature. I asked a somewhat general question about grad school and they f***ing destroyed me. Nobody there thinks grad school is worth a pile of crap...kind of ruined my day, actually. :/

But yes, other than that, reddit is my home. r/f7u12, r/shittyaskscience, r/frugal, r/funny, r/culturalstudies, r/atheism, r/languagelearning, r/depthhub...the list goes on.

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