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When to Contact Professors


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I'm planning on applying to PhD programs next fall, and I was wondering when I should start contacting professors and/or arranging meetings with them.


People usually do it between August and November. Although, if you can get your foot in the door sooner (and actually have intellectual discussions with them, that's pretty good).

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Thanks for your replies!

SVH: Do you mean November to August of 2012? That's not too late if I'm planning on sending applications December 2012?

Hope4fall2102: Do you think that I should start now/earlier than November 2012?

Again, thanks for your help and clarification!

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I think it would be too early right now to check whether they would have openings 18 months down the line.. I think you should wait till the September-October time frame of 2012 to email the professors checking for openings and vacancies..

But if you feel like your research interests are fairly fixed, you could do your ground work right now and read the professors' prior research work. This would really help you when you send out your e-mail and could sound really knowledgeable in the field.

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