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What are my chances?

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Hi, basically as with anyone not yet accepted I am freaking out a little bit waiting to hear back from schools. I know it is a long way out for most places, but that doesn't change the panic :-) So let me know what you think my chances are.

BS in Mathematics at Gonzaga University 3.85 GPA

MS in Mathematics at Oregon State University 3.85 GPA

GRE: V-440 Q-800 W-4.5

Subject GRE: 610 which is pretty low, but i took it before I took any upper level mathematics which is outlined in my statement (should have retaken after my masters, probably would have smoked it, i knew nothing when i took it junior year)

Summer REU in Graph Theory at California State University - San Bernardino

Tutored for 2 years at Gonzaga

Had a TA position at OSU for 2 years while there and did a masters project in modular form theory (well technically it was more number theory that used modular form theory, but never mind)

The schools i applied to are

University of Pennsylvania



UC - Riverside

UC - Irvine

Penn State

University of Virginia

Clemson University


Ole Miss





Illinois - Urbana

What do you think my chances are with any of these schools? I really appreciate any feedback :-)

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