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Can has a Washington-Seattle thread?


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Last year, it looks like Feb. 7th was the admissions day.

So this should be coming up soon too...

Looks like they've got an itneresting wait-list program too that falls on about the 23rd.

Anyone else apply here? I feel like this is the school wehre I probably have the closest fit as far as my background is concerned.

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UW I think is my biggest chance of all of the universities I applied to. I'm heavily focused on quantitative and methodology in my SOP and Writing Sample, and I have a very strong quant background. None of the professors from there that I have emailed have gotten back in touch with me, but I'm still hoping.

I wouldn't mind living in Seattle. Pacific Northwest... about as far away from Louisiana as can be!

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You will all love UW! I never went there for school (I did sit in on a couple of classes), and I live in Seattle, so I'm on their campus all the time. It's absolutely gorgeous. If you visit in the spring, you'll love the cherry blossoms. :) Seattle is probably one of my favorite cities ever, but I am biased.

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