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Wondering if it is too late


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I have noticed some people on this forum have received acceptances from programs/schools that I have applied too, however, I have not heard anything from the schools in question. Does this indicate I am out of the running? Just as a reference I have listed the schools to which I have applied....basically I am wondering if there are multiple dates schools will send out acceptances. Thanks in advance everyone

Still waiting to hear from

UNC-chapel hill






Boston College

Georgia tech




UC Berkeley



Texas A&M

Virginia Tech

University of florida



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Are you a domestic applicant?

I know some schools are still reviewing applications, such as GaTech and Purdue. However, you may want to check the other post to keep yourself updated, if you wish.

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Looks like it was a pricey application season....from what I've been reading schools give out offers all throughout February too.

Good Luck

Hahaha yes it was a rather expensive round of applications. Thanks for the tip/wishes.

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To be honest; I had already found quite a few programs that interested me and Stanford, along with many of the top schools I applied too, sits slightly above the threshold I anticipate receiving acceptances from.

All in all....I believe I invested around $1500 on all of my applications. A small price to pay if I infact get into one of the top schools.

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