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Context: for the last ... oh I don't know.... SIX MONTHS, I've not gotten an unwarranted call on my cell phone. Like not even one, wrong number, nothing.

Last week University of Western Ontario emailed to say that next [this] week the adcom will begin reviewing applications.

This morning, BAM! unwarranted call from a private number. No message. And I just missed it by 2 minutes. Immediately I thought of how stellar I am and that they accepted me in less than three days! Then I came back to earth and that's 99.9% not possible.

For those who get calls, are they usually from private numbers and do they usually leave messages?

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Private calls I normally get are from skype - anyone calling you from abroad?

They would most likely leave a message , especially if it were a number you weren't able to call back - it's not like they'll take away your place because you didn't get to the phone in time.

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