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Should I apply to more schools?

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Ok, I'm somewhat of an a typical applicant. I have been working as an actuary for the past 2 years and have past 4 actuarial exams. I am applying to pure math programs. Due to my low (read: abysmal) GRE score should I apply to some more schools (lower ranked) or do you think it is likely that I will be accepted by one I am applying to. My details are below.

Undergrad: high ranking liberal arts college

GPA: 3.82 (3.98 math)

GRE general

V: 160

M: 164

W: 4.5

GRE subject

M: 580 (yikes!)

Other: three solid recs, did some research in econometrics as an under grad no publication though. Phi beta kappa, several math awards, 4 actuarial exams passed.








What do you think? I'm considering applying to more schools in the 50-100 range rankwise.

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Ehh I applied to umass Amherst and temple as well. I think any thing in the 30-50 range is a bit of a stretch given my GRE. For example I know osu doesn't look at applications with GREs under the 40th percentile ( they mention it on their website).

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