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  1. "This is great news and I look forward to hearing from you and the other students."
  2. Only thing funnier than the rejection responses are the folks arm-chair analyzing the individuals behind them.
  3. Like 99% of that isn't in any way academic, or would have any impact on a healthy personal image in the department. "Drinks and dancing. . ." Honestly? Will there be a generational gap - maybe. If you are dead set on being "friends" with the young people in the department, including doing the social stuff outside of campus a 30-something shouldn't have that much of a problem if they REALLY want that. Social interests aren't going to completely align, but theres nothing stopping folks born in different decades from having a beer or being invited over for dinner. Hard partying and at a ho
  4. MPH in Health Policy & Management? With an obvious emphasis on Management.
  5. #1 Tip: Stop thinking about age. No one is going to look at you and think "Look at this old f***. . ." You got in, same as them. If you don't make age an issue, they (the proverbial they) aren't likely to either.
  6. If you notice no one showing up for these sessions, send an email out to students asking them to email you letting you know if they intend to show up for this "tutorial hour". I'm all for the "let's be responsible" bit, but who has office hours that early? A class? Sure. An office hour? Please. Negotiating something beneficial to all can't hurt.
  7. Not the end of the world folks. There are numerous other awards out there and if anything (whether you agree with them or not) the review comments can only help you going forward.
  8. Someone's never known anyone in an Asian family.
  9. There are no "rules". There's simply a gaggle of schools that have signed a general promise to not require decisions before a certain deadline. However what is the punishment for a department not adhering to it - not much.
  10. April 15th is a magical number that is agreed upon by a lot of school, but is by no means binding. At best - if you REALLY need that much time to decide - you can contact the school and let them know what is what.
  11. With money. With that out of the way, get a roommate, embrace public transportation, learn how to cook for yourself, and buy used if you need anything. As for eating Ramen Noodles and canned tuna. . .no thanks. Getting GOOD nutrition is an important part of making sure you don't crash and burn. I eat Ramen Noodles when I'm feeling lazy and want a snack, never as a long term option.
  12. 60% seems ridiculously capricious and the kind of thing up their own asses instructors like to do because they can. I believe in getting the grade you earned. If a Prof wants to curve down that's fine too. Never should one students performance be pegged NEGATIVELY to another's though.
  13. Wake up. Become invigorated by the joy of being alive. Profit.
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