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  1. How far are into your thesis? I think you have to look far into the future because you may need him to help you get an academic position later in life.
  2. How do you guys get these "upgrades"...? Do you have to buy some membership with the airline?
  3. How lazy I have become, that is what surprised me the most.
  4. Any of you ever needed to travel outside your city because of research? Did any of you ever get to sit on Business or First class? I am just asking out of curiosity. I am guessing the answer is "no" because supervisors prefer to use their grant wisely?
  5. I thought I add some more, tomorrow everything is closed and I have no food of my own. But thanks to my roommate, I am going to leech offf his food and repay him later lol
  6. Wow you people are lucky. Where I am from, we get I think 16 cookies, sometimes 8 because the cafe in our department couldn't sell them all. We get used coffee too.
  7. I think it is better to have a roommate, imagine if you are sick. In my case, I live apart from my home so it's not like I can go "hey [family member], so I am sick, can you help?" Or at least have someone look after the house. But living alone is probably good too.
  8. Alright, thank you y'all. It's actually really a course with few relationships with what I am studying, I guess I'll chalk it up to bad luck.
  9. I'll cut down to the chase. There is a 8:30am tutorial I am asked to do, but I know that near the end of the term, no one will show up and is gonna waste my time and make me wake up early for no reason. I asked if there is a another course/time, but the person who handles TA matters ask "what course conflicts with the 8:30am tutorial?" There is of course none, and the best excuse I got so far is "meeting with supervisor".
  10. reinhard

    CGS-M 2015-2016

    I just realized (why the heck did I go back and check...) I left out my current transcript in my transcript...oh god... even though it has nothing (no classes) in it. *facepalm*
  11. I think step 1 should be taken as discreetly and indirectly (enough to hint the problem) as possible to avoid conflict.
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