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  1. shrinkgirl

    Older students?

    Awesome! I'll have to check it out when I get home. Thanks, Navy Mom.
  2. shrinkgirl

    Older students?

    Thanks, Navy Mom! I'm adding you now. So glad to see others chiming in! Niffler: 32, 5 kids, and finishing up undergrad with plans for grad school--I'm in total awe of you. You're an amazing role model for your kids (something I try to tell myself when I feel overwhelmed, haha). And hola to GeoMex! Are you applying to US grad schools? I understand the trepidation about keeping pace as an international student. I moved to the US when I was 15, and it was a really tough adjustment, but everyone was extremely friendly. I've also more recently had family move to the US to do grad school and everyone has said that academia is one of the best places to be as an international person...people are generally very welcoming and helpful!
  3. shrinkgirl

    Your #1 tip for an older student?

    Thanks for all the advice, everyone! I'm not so worried about the socialization aspect of things, since I'm in a hybrid program and plan to take most classes online. I'm also pretty easy to talk to for the classes I do have in person (no automatic prejudices against the young uns). I was more interested in how you guys balance jobs, family, children, spouses, etc. with a full-time class load. And there are some amazing tips in here! I'm feeling fairly confident that I can handle things with some rigorous time management and scheduling.
  4. shrinkgirl

    Your #1 tip for an older student?

    Thanks, guys! Love the GB joke fail, lol. I got the first of my textbooks and have been inhaling the info. So. Excited.
  5. shrinkgirl

    Therapist for children... How do I do it?

    You'd probably be okay getting a Masters in Counseling (specialize in play therapy or similar). Many grad programs in counseling are amenable to the MAT instead of the GRE, so that might be an option. There's really no way around a test of some kind, though, unless you'd be okay with a post-grad certificate as opposed to a full-fledged degree.
  6. I transferred twice as an undergrad with no problems. Didn't even come up. Just keep up your grades and gain some life experience and you'll be fine.
  7. shrinkgirl


    I'd love to blog here if you're interested in an older student (in her thirties) starting grad school with a husband and two kids in tow. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! I sort of introduced myself on the "older students" thread, but I wanted to pick your brains here. I'm a thirty-something with a husband and two kids and a moderately successful writing career. I begin the first semester of my Masters program at the end of January. I'm sooo excited and also ridiculously nervous. For those of you who've been there, done that, what would your #1 tip be for me as I gear up to begin? Anything you wish you'd known or been told in advance? Thanks bunches!
  9. shrinkgirl

    Family with Grad School

    I agree with the others--many adult students in long-term programs either have kids upon entering or during. I wouldn't sweat it. It's great being in psychology and related disciplines...most professors are very supportive of students' various lifestyle choices, even if they're different from the ones they made. (And congrats! Being a parent of two is a singularly fabulous experience.)
  10. shrinkgirl

    PhD in Counseling Psychology vs an MA in Counseling/LPC

    Good luck! I struggled with the same choice and ultimately decided to go the CACREP route (LPC) as opposed to the APA route. For me, as someone with a husband with a successful corporate job, it came down to practicalities. There were no APA-accredited programs anywhere near me, and relocating made no sense for us. In addition, I'm far more interested in clinical practice as opposed to research, so that was the impetus for the decision. I start my Masters program this month, and plan to go on to earn a PhD in counselor education (to work as a supervisor/clinical director and have the option to teach if I want to) after that. Good luck to you!
  11. Psyched for the new semester!

    1. FinallyAccepted
    2. shrinkgirl


      Hahaha, no doubt! I'm nothing if not punny.

  12. shrinkgirl

    popular things you hate

    *whispers* How I Met Your Mother...
  13. shrinkgirl

    Thinking about quitting...

    Hi OP, Not sure if you're still following this thread, but could you audit an MFA class in the program? Maybe take a semester off the leveling classes to do it so you're not killing yourself? It sounds like the leveling classes are grueling and not creatively satisfying at all, but I wonder if the actual MFA program might be everything you'd hoped for. Finding out might help make this decision a little bit easier. FWIW, I'm sorry it's been such a rough road for you.
  14. shrinkgirl

    Making New Friends

    This is a really interesting thread. I think I'm sort of the opposite of you, OP, because I've always been someone who likes lots of acquaintances, but has never wanted (as an adult, anyway) a best friend. I honestly prefer to spend most of my time either by myself or with my husband and kids. Being with other people for extended periods of time gives me what I call a "socialization headache." I like doing the occasional girls' night out or brunch, but anything more and I begin to get antsy for personal space. I like the idea above of joining Meetups to meet people in the same "season of life" as you. I know some of my acquaintances have met their besties in crafting groups or fitness groups organized either by Meetup or by their local recreation centers. Might those be an option for you?
  15. shrinkgirl

    Waiting Game--how do you deal with the waiting anxiety?

    I threw myself into my other career while waiting. Also, if you happen to be married or have kids like me, they'll keep you plenty busy. Not that it makes it easy by any means....but distractions do help. I also went out on lunch dates with friends, etc. Busy, busy, busy. That was my mantra.

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