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  1. My husband did this and got accepted to both - the programs were a little competitive in convincing him to join their program but afterward no hard feelings. Definitely agree w above poster of connecting with an advisor and maybe your POIs in each program.
  2. KB0808

    POIs Googling you

    I will say that my name is not too uncommon so while I don't have twitter (common on, we have all googled ourselves) - how do POIs know it's you. I know there is someone with my name that does have twitter!
  3. KB0808

    POIs Googling you

    Great advice/heads up!! Sassybread: I changed my name on FB and had high controls so clients can't find me. I doubt that would look bad to POI. I would suspect they would prefer you being overly cautious than not - wouldn't phrase it as hiding something from PI. Another thing to consider is your email address - may be too late for that but I have been on hiring committees for several jobs and you couldn't imagine the strange emails people have that are a turn off!! Make it generic - use your cutesy names for friends if you must but not on resumes.
  4. You are very competitive - congrats!! I have a similar situation with a family, house, baby on the way, and husband with great job as professor (too bad not same program ) though I don't have the medical concerns (best of luck!). If you think you could be happy with a masters or prolonging phd, doesn't hurt to apply to MA and may learn more about interests. As for fit - a lot of people will not like me saying this but fake it til you make it. Of course you want a "perfect" fit but you may find a new interest with those schools nearby. It's not just me saying this either. I know a prof at one program I am applying and the chair at the other through my current job. I have met with both about school and they said the same!! Fit is very important to getting in so make sure you can spin your experience and research goals. Luckily for me 2 of the 3 schools near me do have great fit but my preferred school is a bit of a stretch. If you can get creative with your experience and interests to make it work - do it. My boss got degree in child psych and now works with Veterans - not uncommon to change population or interest of research. There is a lot you can do with MA if you want the backup. I am currently a licensed therapist doing research and my backup is open a private practice in addition to my research job if this falls through. I would prefer to be a research professor but sometimes you have to be flexible with a family good luck!!
  5. You should have at least 3-4 weeks to prepare for a specific school so I would hold off on that until you hear so you can be more focused in that effort. In the meantime you can prep for general questions as to your research, educational background, future goals, strengths and weaknesses, etc. think of a few questions that you want to ask all programs and then a few program specific again when the time comes. It's tough to be limbo, I am anxiously awaiting as well for Clinical Psych updates but you have some time. Definitely practice your answers not so they are memorized but feel comfortable putting it together. Good luck - hopefully you will be invited to all your schools and survive the cram
  6. I already sent a thank you with small gift to recommenders since it is unrelated to acceptance. 2 of them I sent a mix of cookies from Cheryl's and the other I know very well and his obsession with spicy food so I sent him a small hot spices gift basket. All were appreciative of gesture so I am sure whatever you do will be nice.
  7. I currently have MA in Counseling Psych and LPC and there is a lot you can do with it. A lot of my cohort have private practices, some work in community centers, at risk schools, or university centers. Some work in research and do therapy with more clinical populations - including myself. One is even a psych consultant for a business college. I am applying to Clin Psych PhD programs because I want to be a professor in CO. There are not many universities in CO so it is very competitive to get teaching positions here - however have a friend in Chicago that has LCSW from U Mich and teaches at DePaul. It is not impossible to teach or do research with LPC so it comes down to time, money (loans), and creativity to get yourself in the job you want! Good luck!!
  8. Not very patiently waiting to hear from CU Boulder even though their website says mid Jan that we would hear, someone posted on list. Checking this and email way too much.
  9. Check out research positions at a VA! VAs (while not the greatest reputation in the news now) hire a ton of psychologists and may even be their #1 employer. Play for the long game - once you are in the VA it is easier to get back in as psychologist, phd level positions start around $90K (based on geographic location) and very competitive. There are always RA jobs available in our lab but shoot higher if your experience allows for it. It is not uncommon for a person to stay a year or two - get some publications and apply to school. Plus there are usually multiple projects to get your hands on. VAs also have MIRECCs that each study a specific issue - PTSD, suicide, TBI, etc. When looking for back up plans don't be afraid to look outside the box for experience - that is what will make you stand out. I have taken my time with school, joining AmeriCorps after BA then helping a friend start a business. Then went for MA and turned down phd offer for amazing job at VA because that is also difficult to score. Now reapplying because I have my in for lots of jobs down the road and can hopefully get accepted to an even better program. Don't forget about volunteering. I was an intern/volunteer part time therapist at a county jail for 3 years (during MA and then they let me to stay on to get licensed nights and weekends while I was working at VA for research experience). Now I had an MA which allowed me to do this but you're young - load up on lots of different experiences - crisis lines etc if you want that clinical piece. It may seem strange that I turned down school to only apply again but there is so much to learn and do in life - it's hard but try not to get to caught up with having to make certain accomplishments in a predetermined timeline. flying by the seat of your pants is so much fun Good luck - hopefully a non-issue!!
  10. Thanks everyone for the encouraging feedback and recommendations for what I should be looking for in terms of a supportive program!
  11. Hello everyone - Know that I am likely in the minority here since I am an older applicant but any advice on balancing family and PhD program? I am fairly confident I will get into a program. I have been working in VA/DOD research for 5 years and PI of my own small grant, Co-I of a large grant and have an MA and LPC with competitive scores - but I will also be 8 months pregnant during interviews!! I know they technically cannot judge me on this but there it is obviously out there. I also have a 1 year old at home (my husband and I decided to take turns getting PhDs - he graduates this Spring woohoo). I am the age of most junior faculty that struggle with the same balance but in talking with a professor I know professionally and personally at one of the universities, she said that none of their previous PhD students have come into the program as parents. She didn't seem too concerned but was stating it as a fact and a unique challenge. Maybe I am just being paranoid!
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