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1280/3.15 what are my chances?


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Frankly, I'd have to agree that the odds aren't great. Your GRE total is good, but the verbal obviously is a bit low. And the GPA is a red flag. You might have a shot if your letters and personal statement are really striking, but you're clearly gambling. If you're really set on going to graduate school next year, I'd recommend that you find yourself 5-6 programs ranked around #15-30 where you feel you'd be a good fit. Then send an email to their grad directors; include your stats, and say that you'd like to know if it's possible at this stage to still get an application in and be considered for next year. You may get some nibbles.

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I have a close friend who had a 3.2 GPA and an 1140 GRE score and is currently in his first year at Cornell (fully funded). I also have a friend who graduated from the WashU and is currently in her first year at Stanford, and she scored 1350 (the 700 cutoff talk is bull) on the GRE (her GPA was 3.8 though). Reading this message board one is inclined to think that your GPA + GRE combination is the end all be all. This is simply not the case... the other pieces of your application are much more important.

You may not have a chance, or you may. Simply posting your GPA and GRE score is not enough for anyone on this board to truly judge the competitiveness of your application. However, as mentioned before, safety schools are a must.

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thank all of you for advices!

I'm wondering if being Native American help.. also, just for curiosity - if programs have quota for international students, it seems there are a lot of international students in my top 10 department's phd program...

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