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Whitney: The Queen of Pop Has Passed Away

michigan girl

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I noticed no one has posted a thread. Although it's five hours since the breaking news, I am still at a loss of words. Whitney Houston has died.

In my childhood (1990s), I used to have Whitney posters on my wall and videos of her concerts. She was simply amazing with the golden voice. Her songs were also very uplifting and filled with joy, love and faith. Despite her struggles with drugs, she released over 20+ hit songs and several popular films in her 30-year career. More shocking, she died in February, the month of Black History Month.

In my opinion, she will always be the Queen of Pop. At the time of her death, Houston was the most awarded female act of all time (total of 415 career awards as of 2010). She also sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide. She was extremely talented and will be missed!

Does anyone have similar condolesences and memories of her?

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I was shocked and devastated when I heard last night... I loved Whitney growing up. I watched The Bodyguard probably over 20 times with my sister and loved singing along to her songs. Last night I watched it again to remember her. <3

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It has begun!

Whitney Houston might have passed away Saturday, but it’s clear her fans will always love the legendary singer. Not surprisingly, news of her death catapulted some of her greatest hits to the top of the music charts today. On iTunes, Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is currently the No. 1 download, while “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is finding a place in the top 10. Some of Houston’s other hits are rising up the charts — among the top-selling 100 singles on iTunes today are the singer’s “One Moment in Time,” “How Will I Know,” “The Star Spangled Banner,” “Didn’t We Almost Have It All,” “I Have Nothing,” “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” “I’m Every Woman,” “Saving All My Love For You,” “I Look to You,” “Greatest Love of All,” “Run to You,” “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay,” “Exhale (Shoop Shoop),” “You Give Good Love,” “My Love is Your Love.” (And, undoubtedly, you can only expect more Houston songs to find their way into the top 100.)


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I watched the funeral on CNN and thought it was very lovely and appropriate. The world got a chance to see a side of her that we never knew. Whitney's accomplishments will always outweigh her negatives. People need to recognize that. She was a gift to all of us.

Kevin Costner's (co-star in The Bodyguard) words were so amazing. Here is the quote below:

“Whitney, if you could hear me now, I would tell you, ‘You weren’t just good, you were great,’” Kevin said of Whitney’s “The Bodyguard” performance at her funeral at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, on Saturday. “You sang the whole damn song without a band. You made the picture what it was. A lot of leading men could’ve played my part, a lot of guys could’ve filled that role, but you, Whitney, I truly believe that you were the only one that could’ve played Rachel Marron at the time. You weren’t just pretty, you were as were as beautiful as a woman could be. And people didn’t just like you, Whitney, they loved you."


Clive Davis, her industry manager and mentor, discusses Whitney's talent for interpreting lyrics below:

"Will there ever be? And then there came a time in 1998, because of the passing of years, for what they called a comeback album. As material accumulated, we would meet in my hotel bungalow, frankly in our pajamas at 1:00 a.m. She ordering the hamburger that she loved with French fries from room service. And I'll never forget the expression on her face when she first heard 'My Love is Your Love,' and 'It's Not Right But It's Okay.' She listened to each song carefully on the character. And we played each song over and over. And gradually, to my amazement, she already had learned the lyrics. And she started singing. With each playback, she started over and it wasn't -- it really wasn't long before she stood before me and totally owned each song. Finding meaning, I'm sure, the composers never even suspected was there. And that's the way it was. Song, videos, right from the beginning.


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