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got into medill


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Same here guys!

I didn't apply to Medill but I'm still considering applying to their later deadline. I did get a call from a professor at Syracuse though to let me know I've been selected as one of 12 semifinalists for their Minority Fellowship program which provides full tuition remission and a competitive salary. The only thing though is that I haven't been offered admission yet? I posted in another forum but maybe you guys could chime in, do you think this is an indicator for an admission into their school?

I'm waiting on Columbia and NYU as well, I applied right on their deadlines though so I don't expect to hear back until mid-March or early April.

Go us!

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got into CUNY yesterday afternoon. still waiting for my personal big two: NYU and columbia. i haven't heard a thing from either of them (even about the e-mail survey for columbia), so i'm kind of freaking out. has anyone else heard back from CUNY like i did, or has anyone else gotten any e-mails from NYU, particularly the CRC program?

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