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Rejected PhD, but offered MS if "would accept offer if admitted"


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Hi guys,

I got rejected from a Ph.D. program in Operations Research from Columbia. In the rejection letter, they mentioned that I could request to be considered for a M.S. program. The letter exactly said that " If indeed you do wish to be considered for admission to one of our MS programs and would accept our offer of admission if admitted, please respond to this email by Friday, February 17th".

So far, I haven't got any offers yet, but there are like 10+ schools I am waiting for. I do love Columbia, but other top programs still haven't sent out offers/rejections yet. Now I am worried and not sure if I should reply to Columbia regarding the MS option. What if I replied and then I got accepted to other schools for PhD later? Can I change my mind later?

The deadline to reply is tomorrow.... Thank you so much for anyone's help!

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I would read this "... would *consider* accepting our offer of admission if admitted" and respond to the email. I think they're just trying to weed out people who have zero interest in doing an M.S.

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