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Anyone ever interviewed for UT Southwestern's Clinical Psychology program?


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<I posted this in another forum but thought I might get a response here>

I got invited to interview for the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. This program is one of my top choices for admission, and so I wanted to ask you lovely folks out there if anyone has interviewed for this program before...?

Most of the other clinical psychology Ph.D. programs I applied to are research-based, and so I am hoping to get some advice on how to prepare to interview for this program, since it is a more practice-based Ph.D. program (but still has research). For all the other schools I applied to, you had to express an interest to work/research with a specific professor (typical stuff for academic Ph.D. programs). However, UT Southwestern doesn't operate on the mentor-based model, and so applicants are interviewing to be accepted into the program at large.

I'm just looking for any advice anyone may have on how to prepare for this type of program since the typical stuff around researching individual professors' research doesn't really apply here.

Thanks so much, everyone!

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