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Hi, so it looks like I'm going to be offered a funded MSc which is great but Its a smaller department. My advisor has a strong research program, meaning he publishes every year in work im really interested in. I am worried that after I get my MSc, when I apply to PhD programs that my application will be rejected because I got it at a smaller smaller/low ranked program. Its a thesis based masters. Anyone have any clue to this?

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I don't think so. If your advisor has some good connections with professors you are interested in at large programs elsewhere, you will be fine. I just found that lots of Ph.D students in best research groups of the States didn't get their previous degrees in equally good ones.

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Also, its good that you got into a thesis based program..

I think previous research is highly valued when making admission decisions, so make it count.. In my opinion, you get to do better research in a Masters program than in an undergrad program.. You get to devote more time in the problem definition stage and there is usually a better direction during the research stage.. I'm guessing you'll be in a much better position 2 years down the line when you apply again..

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