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Is the results reporting accurate?


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If I don't see anyone reports his/her status (e.g., rejected, accepted, or interview) in the "results search" for my target program, can I safely say that no one has got any responses from the program yet? Or, it's quite likely someone has got a decision but not yet posted it here?

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Generally speaking, people that join the boards post their results (positive or negative) on the results section. If nothing is posted there two most likely options are 1) the program has yet to send out decisions or 2) no one else has applied to your program.

Considering that it is early in the results season, option 1 is more likely.

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Or they've posted their results on a different site. The gradcafe isn't the only place that collects results. It's just the best one I've found (and one of the only ones that has ANY art related results on it!).

Browse these in your spare time:




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