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So I was accepted to a program in the UK but the commission I interned with in the past just posted an opening that would be perfect for me (in the area of museums I love even, with my internship supervisor) the problem is their minimum requirement is a bit above me (already BA with 1 yr experience but I'll graduate in early May and have just shy of a year experience all combined). I was thinking of emailing her (in response to the direct email she sent me and other previous interns with the announcement) saying it sounds interesting, I'm think I'm under qualified but I wanted to let you know I got into such-and-such program and thank you for writing the LoR.

Should I even mention the job when I email her thanking her for writing the LoR/updating her on my acceptance? It would be a kind of long shot to be hired anyway since she also posted this on a national list-serv and I know people with MAs and years more experience will apply.

(I guess this fits in decision section? if this belongs somewhere else please let me know)

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