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virginia (UVA) admits??


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Is there anybody who applied for UVA?? As far as I know, a small number of candidates was picked up for tour and formal interview last weekend. Anyone knows when the decision is made?? I am almost dead to wait for the news. I am sooooooo eager to go to the university.

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Hey fanfox,

Have you received a phone request from an interview?

I applied to UVa and had an interview back in late January. I know one person who was already accepted and about three-four who have been rejected already (I think most of them were missing documents). I don't know anything about my status past the interview (I'm living abroad), however, when I asked during the interview, they told me that final decisions would be made the last week of February/the first week of March.

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Last weekend was the Jefferson Fellows selection weekend--it's an outside fellowship foundation that provides fellowships solely for UVA students. Each department gets to nominate a single candidate. That's probably what you heard about. As far as I'm aware the *department* didn't bring people out last week.

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