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  1. So it's been more than a week than I had my interview with UBc for Anthropology, and I still haven't heard anything yet. It looks as if the Economics and Philosophy Departments released results this week. I'm wondering if I'm needlessly worrying more than I have to be; part of this is I have to take a trip next week where I will be out of Internet contact (it might actually be a saving grave!) Congrats on everyone who has heard any news!
  2. So after being rejected from most of the schools I applied to, I received an interview request from my top school, University of British Columbia, for a PhD in Anthropology. I had an interview with my POI from U-BC's Anthropology department -- has anyone else heard? Someone on the results survey indicated they were waitlisted for the Masters Program, and, I was wondering if they were here on the forum? I'm also wondering if anyone knows if Canadian schools generally fund their MA and PhD students from different pools of money, or, is it usually up to the Department to decide how many MA v
  3. Hey fanfox, Have you received a phone request from an interview? I applied to UVa and had an interview back in late January. I know one person who was already accepted and about three-four who have been rejected already (I think most of them were missing documents). I don't know anything about my status past the interview (I'm living abroad), however, when I asked during the interview, they told me that final decisions would be made the last week of February/the first week of March.
  4. Woke up this morning to a nice e-mail/interview request from my POI @ UBC's Anthropology Department (am American; applied to their PhD program). Hope it goes well!
  5. Yeah; I'm sorry to, well, not be the most positive (as I know I need all the positivity I can get!) I believe she is leaving AU; I last talked to her in November (before some of the appeals processes). I don't want to speak on behalf of AU -- the department itself is very stable, indeed. It's more so things at the university level and an over-reaching dean changing things up. Anyways, good luck at Colorado! Trust me, there's still some of us anxiously waiting.
  6. Urgh, I *hate* to be the bearer of horrible news. I absolutely *loved* Sabiyha (and words cannot express my adoration for Dr. Leap. He has supported many young scholars, both at AU and elsewhere in starting their careers), but, she was denied tenure this year in somewhat of a scandal with the aforementioned dean. It was horrible -- she was a wonderful scholar and the denial of tenure was kind of eye-opening and a momentary bleak spot on my decision to pursue a PhD. Dr. Leap used to be the chair but stepped down (no worries, he's still there!) within this last year and they are doing an
  7. Hey aforman1, It might be lucky that both of our nerves were cued at the same time. I graduated from AU two years ago (went onto an MA program elsewhere) and the department is filled with some of the warmest, friendliest, and most intelligent people you will ever meet. I still maintain contact with a lot of my faculty, peers, and PhD students. However, with that being said, there was recently a new dean appointed to the College of Arts of Science who has wrecked havoc on the department, especially in terms of funding (looking towards more "serious" subjects --> eg, Economics). I kn
  8. Hey, Congrats to those who have been accepted places! I hate you, but I am sincerely happy for you. I was wondering if anyone has been contacted by University of Virginia yet? There seems to be two other people who posted interviews on the results survey. I was contacted waaaaay back in mid-January about a "casual chat" for my research interests that seemed to be both standard and went very well. I was really excited as, I assumed since they contacted me so early, I was high on their list. The person I interviewed with (non-POI) said that decisions would be made in late February
  9. I have only heard back from one school so far about an interview. I know two other people who also have received interviews from the same school. In some ways, I think the "Interview" stage might be a little bit more nerve-wracking -- you know your Candidate File is there, the AdComm members are looking at it, but you kind of wonder what exactly they were looking for in the interviews--did they have questions about weaknesses (which there are many!), or (in the most hopeful scenario), did they want to gauge my seriousness about their offer. Needless to say, the interview was by far one
  10. I posted elsewhere, but, I received, via e-mail, a request for a "conversation from UVirginia to "round out my application." It was framed not as an interview, but, was a very long conversation about my interests in the school and my project .... Has anyone else received this call?
  11. Hello, Following the NPR model, long-time reader, first time poster. I'm currently applying for PhD programs in Anthropology for the 2012-13 admissions cycle. As a brief background, I have an MA in Anthropology from a terminal MA program in a Top 20 School. My GRE and GPA, while not the best, are well above the minimum of what programs require and probably in the Top 30% of most applicants, but, probably somewhere around the 25-30% mark. I currently have a Fulbright Research Scholarship and am based overseas in Southeast Asia doing research on my proposed PhD Statement of Purpose--r
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