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MS in BME for nontraditional student


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So, I didn't major in STEM as an undergrad. I teach. Long story short, I'd like to get a MS in BME. I've heard that a second BS is a waste of time and most don't accept 2nd BS students. I plan to take the prerequisites at a local college before applying.

Some stats:

Undergrad: large state university, degree is BS in technology education

GPA: 3.75

GRE: 690Q, 520V, 5A (old test)- I do plan to retake it to break 700Q

Could you please tell me some BME programs that would accept someone without a STEM degree? I know the odds are stacked against me since I have research or publications but this is something I truly want to pursue and have thought about.

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you are a perfect candidate for the Boston University LEAP program (google it). There is even a thread not too far down with lots of people talking about the program as a whole. I am a current student there. In fact I came into the program shooting for a M.S. in BME. Check the stats, BU is pretty much ranked in the top 10 in any rankings for BME. It is a great program, it is specifically designed for NON-engineering students to get a Masters degree in engineering. I am pretty sure this is the only program in the U.S. that does this. You are exactly who they are looking for.

Now, I should mention a few caveats:

1. It has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. I started in 2009 and it wasn't super competitive then, but according to this year's thread in this forum, it has become pretty popular.

2. There used to a guaranteed need-based scholarship when I started that covered 70% of the tuition. Now, there are so many people that it is getting hard to get funding. And if you do get funding, I believe it is 50% of tuition max. Tuition at BU is about $40k a year.

3. If you have any interest in getting a PhD after your Masters, I can't guarantee that this is the best route. It might be more beneficial to do a 2nd Bachelors. I have just made this realization lately and I can't say I know this for sure, but so far in my experience of applying to PhDs this year I sometimes think a 2nd Bachelors would have helped more. But your mileage will vary on this last point.

Well, I don't know how motivated you are right now, but if you don't care about funding, the deadline to apply for Fall 2012 is March 15th so you could throw out an application right now and see what happens...nothing to lose.

If you choose to wait, I would suggest you up your GRE score. I don't know the scoring system now, but on the old test, an engineering grad student should be able to easily break 750 on the Quant section. My scores were 770Q, 600Q, 5.5A, and I have been told multiples times that my scores are a bit low. In fact, knowing what I know now, I would have retaken my GREs last year for my PhD apps this year.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I am always happy to help others as I was in that situation not too long ago.

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