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what can I do when I am in the waiting list?


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Some more details on your circumstances might be helpful. Are you officially waitlisted or just assuming you're on a waitlist on account of not having heard anything (that's my situation with Stanford)? It's my understanding that if you've, say, aced any hardcore methods courses or had a paper accepted for publication in the time since you applied, it might not hurt to send a quick note when you're waitlisted. (Or, better yet, have a professor send it as an addendum to his or her letter.) On the other hand, if your application credentials are basically the same as what you submitted, you've really just got to wait things out, although it might not hurt to send an email to the DGS every few weeks saying that you're curious where you stand so they know you're still interested in them.

Hope this helps!

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I would just let the secretary know that you're still interested and keep waiting it out.

If the school is your top choice, you could email your potential advisor, let them know that you're hopeful after having been waitlisted and that the school is currently your top choice. They might try to fight for you if a spot becomes available (especially if they weren't on the committee) or volunteer some info about your chances.

I did this last year after receiving advice from profs, but it didn't work out - the faculty member sent me a VERY kind response but he didn't know anything, and everyone offered admission ended up accepting (more than they wanted). :(

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