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Hey I was accepted into Rutgers last week, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the program?

I am leaning towards going because tuition is much lower than the NYC schools I applied to and I'd be able to live with my boyfriend who will be doing a fellowship in NJ (cheap rent!).

I was also accepted into Columbia and Teachers College (for counseling psychology), and even with scholarships, I want to be in as little debt as possible when I graduate. I just don't want to give up an ivy league school if it will truly make a difference in getting me a job after..

Does anyone have any advice/know about the MSW at Rutgers?

Thank you!

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Rutgers is OK, but I'd go to Columbia if I were you. Trust me, you will make up any greater debt in substantially better employment opportunities with a Columbia degree.

Teachers college I am not sure about, isn't it actually also a Columbia school? Specifically, clinical psychology, as far as I understand, is a particularly prestigious degree. I applied to Rutgers myself, and I understand some of its graduate programs are very good, but not against Columbia.

I'd only choose Rutgers over Columbia if the financial difference was extreme -- eg. Columbia was full tuition, and Rutgers was a full scholarship and a stipend.

Else, if we are talking about Columbia teacher's college, then the Clinical Psychology one there.

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If the program at Columbia you are talking about is only an MA, you would be much better off with an MSW. I have a friend who did a LPC from Columbia and he is still having trouble finding stable work. I got accepted to Rutgers University also. I was just there this morning. I will probably be attending the Newark Campus. The only problem I have is that I live in Queens NY. The commute for me is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I also have to pay out of state tuition. I am going to try and get the out of state tuition waived. If I don't go to Rutgers I will end up going to Lehman College. It makes no sense to rack up tons of debt when completing an MSW. Rutgers is a great choice.

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